An Atlas of Polymer Damage


Engel, Lothar

  • An Atlas of Polymer Damage 1. Aufl. Carl Hanser Verlag, München, Wien, 1981
  • ISBN 0 7234 07517


An invaluable working aid for all concerned with the nature and quality of polymer surfaces, containing 456 scanning electron micrographs and diagrams.
Scanning electron microscopy has considerably extended knowledge of damaged polymer surfaces and facilitated their identification. Microscopic examination is now often essential for the interpretation of damaged plastic surfaces - so familiarity with their appearance at high magnification is a prerequisite for both identifying the type of damage and discovering its underlying cause.
Besides comprehensively illustrating and explaining the various types of plastic sur-face fractures, this book analyses the causes of the damage and outlines polymer properties. Tests on the chemical composition of materials and coatings, designed to provide further information on damage mechanisms, are also included.
Production engineers and all others responsible for controlling polymer quality and identifying the cause of any damage will appreciate the practical guidance, informa-tion and source of reference provided here.

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