Thermal Analysis of Plastics


G.W. Ehrenstein, G. Riedel, P. Trawiel

  • 1. Auflage, Hanser Gardner Publications, Cincinnatti, 2004
  • ISBN 3-446-22673-7
  • 396 Seiten


Thermal analysis has proven to be one of the most important and meaningful test methods in the plastics industry and testing laboratories. This versatile and variable analytical tool provides both qualitative and quantitative information on the quality of the plastic material as well as of the finished product; it assists in failure analysis, and is indispensable for plastics product development. In this book, the different test methods and variations are described in detail, emphasizing the principles and their application in pratices. Using practical examples, different approaches to problem solving are presented with a focus on the interpretation of the experimental results.

Thermal analysis provides informaton on important properties of plastic materials, such as nucleation, crystallization, degree of crystallinity, recrystallisation, melting and solidifaction, glass transition, curing and postcuring, thermal stability, thermal expansion, relaxation of orientation and internal stresses, pvt-data, and so forth.

This book is a must for everybody involved in material and product development, testing, quality assurance, or failure analysis in industry and laboratories.

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