Polymeric Materials


Choice Magazin: "Outstanding Academic Title 2001"

Ehrenstein, Gottfried W.; Theriault, R.

  • Polymeric Materials, Structure - Properties - Applications. 1. Aufl. Carl Hanser Verlag, München, 2000

This book is intended to fill the gap between the chemical structure and the related physical characteristics of plastics necessary for appropriate material selection, design and processing. The entire spectrum of plastics is addressed, including thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and blends. The book also contains an indepth presentation of the structure-property relationship of a wide range of plastics and their mechanisms are discussed. One of the special features is the extensive discussion and explanation of the impact of relationships on processing and, viceversa, the effect of processing on structure and properties. The book contains several applicationoriented examples and is presented at an intermediate level for both practising plastic engineers and advanced engineering students.

The book begins by defining the basic characteristics that distinguish polymeric ma-terials from other traditional engineering materials on a macroscopic level. The polymerization reactions necessary for the synthesis of polymers are the reviewed in order to establish the fundamental relationships between the molecular conformation and the resulting mechanical and thermomechanical properties. However, the properties of finished plastic components are also dependent on the processing technique employed that contribute to the development of properties which are anisotropic and/or loaded plastic components. Likewise, the influence of various external factors, such as the chemical, mechanical, thermal, and environmental loading, on the physi-cal properties of finished plastic components are presented with the use of several illustrations.